İSKİ hosts Gambia Committee

07.12.2017 İSKİ, which has attracted all attention in the international arena through with major projects, continues to share its knowledge, skills and experiences to its guests.


According to protocol between Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency (TCCA), aids in various fields are provided for African Countries. In this context, the Committee of the Republic of Gambia from Central Africa visited İSKİ.


Gambia Committe consisted of 7 attendants recieved informations about wastewater management, financial structure and management from Directors of İSKİ.


Metin AKBAŞ; Deputy General Director of İSKİ made a presentation about wastewater management, wastewater treatment plants, recycling water and financial structure of institution. AKBAŞ, who responded to the questions of the committee, gave a gift to Mustapha BATCHILLY, who is the General Director of Banjul Municipality, and his colleagues; additionally he reassured to the committee of cooperation following to the meeting.