A New Service for Hearing Impaired Citizens from ISKI


ISKI will start to provide service in sign language with its staff trained to assist hearing impaired people within the framework of social responsibility principle.

ISKI and Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Lifelong Learning Center ISMEK in order to communicate effectively with hearing impaired citizens coming to the branch offices and to serve them better.

Sign language is a silent and visual language that employs signs made by moving the hands combined with facial expressions and postures of the body in order to communicate among the hearing and speech impaired people. “Sign Language Training” organized for the staff who have face to face communication with citizens in ISKI Branch Offices, will be completed by 10th April 2019… Staff successfully completing the course will be certified with the approval of the Ministry of National Education (MEB).

ISKI, Provide Convenience for Disabled Citizens…

ISKI provide a discount of 50 percent out of fixed tariffs to houses with disabled people, without taking into consideration how much water they use. Furthermore, as a result of the supports of Accessible Istanbul Coordination Unit in Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, ISKI's website has been made accessible to individuals with visual and hearing disabilities. Thus, users with visual problems can easily access the services offered by ISKI on the internet by using the screen reader program (Jaws) which they use in their computers and mobile devices.